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The booth of Strike Pro The booth of Old Ghost Co. The booth of Holly Kudos
The booth of Top Infinite The booth of Qingdao Amethyst The booth of Weihai Honesea



China Fish 20th Years Stands Lucky Draw China Fish banquet
Booking booths of China Fish 2011 Best Product Showcase Best Product Winner announcement
EFTTA Lounge CM Magazine Interview Cyber Lounge
Lucky Draw winner of Grand prize Speech of Mr. Li Jiang,
President of China Fish
Best Product Winners
Speech of Mr. Jean Claude BEL,
Speech of Mr. Dieter Willenbruch,
President of Fishman¡¯s Partner
Speech of Mr. Cheng Liang,
President of Guangwei Group
Chairman of CFTA
Speech of Mr. Louise Tchertoff,
Past chairman of EFTTA
Speech of Mr. Shige Nakamichi,
President of Owner Hooks Co., Ltd
Speech of Mr. Wu Dong,
Vice President of Holly Kudos