China Culture, Education and Sports Products Association, a state association approved by State Civil Administration Ministry in 1989, is responsible for managing the industry specializing in producing and operating instruments and equipments of culture and education, sports and leisure. The association sets 19 branches and specialty committees.

China Fishing Tackle Association, one of its industry branches, is a national industry organization composed of the enterprises manufacturing and operating fishing tackle and the relative products. The main functions of the China Fishing Tackle Association are:

01. Investigating the development of the fishing tackle industry, reflecting the requests of the members to the government and the relative departments; and lodging the suggestions on policy and legislation making.

02. Replying the enquiries from the government and relative departments;

03. Protecting members¡¯ legitimate rights and moderate the relation of the members

04. Carrying out the industry status investigation and collecting and releasing the industry information;

05. Originating the industry¡¯s publications;

06. Participating in the formulation of the industry products standard and service standard;

07. Formulating the industry rules, supervising the behavior of the members and maintain the fair competition in the industry;

08. Organizing the industrial products exhibition and the communication and cooperation of industrial techniques;

09. Conducting the bulletin meetings and seminars concerning the industry¡¯s development;

10. Instructing and assisting the enterprises improve the operating and managing;

11. Offering the consulting service and providing the members with the domestic and overseas economical and technical information and market information;

12. Communicating and cooperating with foreign brother organizations of the industry;

13. Accomplishing entrustment from the government and relative departments.